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Loan Rates

Fee Schedule | Share and Certificate Rates

Effective Date: Saturday, December 2nd, 2023
LoansRate as low as Term
New/Used Auto Loans 2018-2023
2018-2023 Cars/Trucks New & Used 5.49* 1-36 Months
2018-2023 Cars/Trucks New & Used  5.99* 37-60 Months
2018-2023 New & Used 6.49* 61-72 Months 
2018-2023 7.49%* 73-84 Months Min $25,000 
Call 734.425.5080 or go to WWW.MCFCU.net 24/7/365 to apply for a loan
New/Used Auto Loans 2016-2017
Cars/Trucks 2016-2017New & Used 6.24* 12-66 Months
Cars/Trucks New & Used 2016-2017 6.24%* 67-72 Months
Used Auto 8 Years and Older
Cars/Trucks  Used 6.75%* 12-36 Months
Cars/ Truck 6.75%* 37-48 Months
Cars/ Truck 7.25%* 49-66 Months
Classic Cars Terms 12-66 Months
Classic Cars Certified 25 Years and Older 6.50%* 24-66 Months
Boats, Motor homes, Campers and Motorcycle6s 2019-2023
Boats/Motor Homes/Campers/Motorcycles 6.25%* 12-36 Months
Boats/Motor Homes/Campers/Motorcycles 6.25* 37-60 Months Minimum $5,000
Boats/Motor Homes/Campers/Motorcycles 7.00%* 61-84 Months Min $10,000
Boats/Motor Homes/Campers/Motorcycles 7.00%* 85-144 Months Min $20,000
Boats/Motor Homes/Campers/Motorcycles 7.50%* 145-180 MIN $30,000
Boats, Motor Homes, Campers & Motorcycles 2017-2018
Boats/Motor Homes/Campers/Motorcycles 6.25%* 12-48 Months Min $5,000
Boats/Motor Homes/Campers/Motorcycles 6.25%* 48-60 Months Min 5,000
Boats/Motor Homes/Campers/Motorcycles 7.00%* 61-66 Months Min $10,000
Boats/Motor Homes/Campers/Motorcycles 7.00%* 67-84 Months Min $15,000
Boats/Motor Homes/Campers/Motorcycles 7.25%* 85-180 Months Min $15,000
Jet Skis/Snowmobiles/Campers/Wave Runner/Off Road Vehicles etc Models 2015-2023
Jet Skis/Snowmobiles/Camper Tops/Wave Runner/Off Road Vehicles etc 9.99%* 1-66 Months
Jet Skis/Snowmobiles/Camper Tops/Wave Runner/Off Road Vehicles etc 9.99%* 61-72 Months Min $15,000
Jet Ski/ Snowmobile/ Camper 2011-2012 9.99%* 67-96 Months Min $15,000
Share Secured
100% Share Secured 6.25%* 1-72 Months
100% Share or Certificate of Deposit secured 6.50% * 73-96 Months
Signature Loans
Any Season Any Reason As low as 7.99%* 12-36 Months
Visa Credit Card
Visa Credit Card ....Maximum $25,000.00 as low as 9.88%* Reward card
Home Equity LOC
Home Equity Line of Credit - Home equity loan with variable interest rate, no annual fees. Variable rate is based on prime and a margin. The rate is subject to change monthly. As low as Prime Rate Maximum Secured $180,000
Home Equity Loan as low as 6.50* 120 Month Term
Home Equity Loan as low as 7.00%* 180 Months
APR = Annual Percentage Rate. All rates subject to change. Contact the credit union for additional information.*Rates as low as

All rates are disclosed as Annual Percentage Rates (APR) and are subject to change. Your rate will be based on your credit history, term of the loan and the collateral or security offered. We will let you know the rate that you qualify for after we have reviewed your credit application and any loan documents.

*Quoted rates include a member discount for an active checking account with direct deposit and automatic payment of loan. 

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