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The App name if using Apple is MichColFCU and can be found in the app store. If using an Android search for Michigan Columbus FCU in the Google Play Store

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   Looking for a new car or truck? M.C.F.C.U's partnership with Enterprise is here to help you find a great deal on your dream car or truck. Get started today with pre-approved auto loan from Michigan Columbus Federal Credit Union! A pre-approved loan is like "cash in hand"; it gives you extra bargaining power when you negotiate your deal. You will also benefit from competitive interest rates to help you find a great deal on your dream car or truck. It all adds up to savings. Come in or give us a call to get started!

                                                                                             Next Promotion Coming Up!!

April 1st thru April 15th 2018

Trade in your old vehicle for Kelly Blue Book Value, plus receive an additional $500.00. When you purchase a vehicle from Enterprise.

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