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Secured Loans in Livonia, MI

Secured loans require collateral—an asset used to secure the value of the loan. These types of loans are available at low rates, with flexible terms and convenient repayment options. Michigan Columbus Federal Credit Union is ready to help you explore secure and advance loans, as a way to help you attain the things you want for your life—even while you’re still working toward them. Whether it's a new boat to explore the lakes of Livonia, MI, a new snowmobile to conquer the winter, or a new minivan to get the kids to school, we have the perfect loan just for you. Click here to apply today!

LoanHow to Qualify for a Secured Loan

To qualify for a secure loan, you’ll need to apply for approval. This generally means submitting to a credit pull, as well as filling out loan application paperwork. For secured loans, you’ll also need to show proof of collateral, such as real estate or a vehicle. Your loan officer will work with you to make sure everything is correct before submitting the formal application. We work hard to help you qualify for secure and advance loans.

Common Reasons for Secured Loans

Secure loans offer a lot of freedom when it comes to what you can use them for. So long as you’re approved and have appropriate collateral, you can put your new capital towards any number of large purchases, including:

  • New and Used Cars, Trucks and Vans
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Motor Homes
  • Boats
  • Trailers

Apply for an Advance Loan Today

Michigan Columbus Federal Credit Union empowers members of our Livonia, MI community to apply for and attain loans that help them finance the things they want in their life. Whether it’s a necessity like a new car or a luxury like your new boat, we’ll help you make it happen with the right loan. Contact us today at 734-425-5080 to talk with a loan officer about your options.

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