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Personal Loans in Livonia, MI

Have large, one-time expenses coming up? Instead of bearing the brunt of them against your everyday finances, come talk to Michigan Columbus Federal Credit Union about our signature loans. These unsecured loans are available up to $25,000* and can be used for a wide variety of expenses—everything from your wedding to home improvement projects. Instead of trying to scrape together the money to cover these costs, click here to apply for a signature loan today!

*$25,000 represents the maximum total limit available per member for all unsecured credit based on credit approval.

Signing LoanHow to Qualify for a Signature Loan

Applying for a signature loan is simple! Just fill out a loan application and submit to a credit pull, and it won’t be long before you have access to different options for amounts, rates and terms. We work with each person to help them select the right loan for their upcoming expenses, and we make applying painless. You can even apply for signature loans online! All it takes is some personal information, estimates about your income and employment information.

Common Reasons for Signature Loans

One of the biggest reasons Livonia, MI residents apply for signature loans with us is because they’re extremely flexible. Once approved, you’ll have the ability to use that money in whatever way you need to—whether it’s to cover an unforeseen expense or put yourself in a better financial position when making a purchase. Here are some of the most common reasons to apply for a signature loan:

  • Wedding expenses
  • Vacations
  • Home improvements
  • Appliances
  • Bill consolidation

Apply for a Signature Loan Today

Michigan Columbus Federal Credit Union makes it easy to apply for a signature loan. Whether you apply at one of our branches in Livonia, MI or submit your application online, we’ll work quickly to help you get access to the funds you need to cover upcoming expenses in your life. Reach us today at 734-425-5080 to speak with a loan officer for more information.

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