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Our Service Charges

Loan Rates | Share and Certificate Rates

Cashiers checks (Counter Check) $ 2.00 each
Corporate checks per check $ 2.00
Account closure fee collection $31.00
Statement copies (each statement) $  3.00 
Check Returned -Deposit or loan payment $ 20.00
Mailing of phone receipt $  1.00
Research fee per hour $35.00
Deposit verification $20.00
Account  printout (per page) $  1.00 a page
Outgoing wire transfers $32.00
Outgoing foreign wire transfers $50.00
Close IRA $25.00
Non- Member cashing a check drawn on MCFCU $10.00
Check/ACH by phone- Must have authorization on file to process this request $10.00
Coin processing fee  5% of coin, no less than $5.00 per processing
Monthly Checking FREE
Non-sufficient funds (NSF) $31.00
Stop payments $30.00
Transfer to cover overdraft on checking from savings or loan  $  1.00 each after 4 per month
Check or Receipt copy (each) $  5.00
Reconcilement of Account - per hour $35.00
Return ACH (NSF) $31.00
Close Account fee within 6 months $10.00
Courtesy pay fee $31.00
Courtesy pay reinstatement fee $31.00
   No minimum balance for our checking account.  No monthly service charge.   
Reissue of Plastic card - first time free $  5.00
Reissue of PIN number $  5.00
Overdraw due to ATM transactions $31.00
ATM withdrawal-non member $  3.50
ATM balance inquiry-non member $  3.50
Replace Lost/Stolen VISA - first time free $ 5.00
Visa Pin replacement $20.00
Late charges after 5 days past due 20% of interest due minimum $35.00 
Copy of sales draft $ 8.00
Pay by phone $10.00
Undeliverable mailing or email address fee                                                                                          $5.00 per month
Copy of receipt/check/transaction $3.00 each
4th withdrawal from Max/High Yield account
(per month)
$2.00 each after 4
withdrawals per month
Dormant fee (inactive 12 months) $5.00 per month
Photo copies/Fax / Receipt mailing (per item) $1.00
Close IRA account $25.00
Legal Processing $50.00
VISA Gift Card ($10.00 minimum up to $1000.00 maximum) $  5.00
Overdrawn Closure Fee $31.00
Skip a Pay $30.00 per month
Account closed within 6 months $10.00
Account re-open in 90 days $25.00
Escheat accounts $50.00
Mortgage Modification Minimum/  Mortgage Subordination Minimum $2,350        /    $750.00
Loan Modification Fee $40.00
Share draft convert to check for Non-Members


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